Global Automakers is supporting an alternative, consensus proposal for adoption of the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate in Colorado. This consensus proposal – proposed jointly by Global Automakers, the Colorado Energy Office, Colorado Department of Transportation, and Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers – provides a smart approach to the ZEV program, allowing for the incorporation of credit banks at the start of the mandate, while also limiting the use of those credits and encouraging EV sales prior to the start of the regulations. This consensus proposal addresses each of the submitters’ concerns, provides a pathway for increased EV sales in the state, and is uniquely tailored to Colorado’s EV market conditions – robust EV sales, great consumer incentives and growing charging infrastructure.

While Global Automakers continues to believe that a ZEV program is not needed in Colorado, we also recognize that the implementation challenges of the ZEV program, midway through a stringent increase in requirements, would be prohibitive without the addition of this consensus proposal. Therefore, Global Automakers fully supports the consensus proposal, as designed based on Colorado’s EV market, and strongly encourages the Commission to adopt the consensus proposal. Global Automakers is grateful to the state for its willingness to engage with stakeholders and collaborate on a solution that works for the state and its environmental goals, for automakers, and ultimately for its citizens.

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