Global Automakers testified before the New Jersey Senate Transportation Committee in opposition to S2149.  Global Automakers highlighted specific and concrete actions New Jersey can pursue right now to help reduce traffic fatalities.  The first action New Jersey can take is to support the passage of AV legislation currently being considered in Congress. Both the House and the Senate are considering bipartisan bills that would create a framework to help advance automated vehicle technology while providing the appropriate incremental steps to ensure safety.  The creation of a national framework will assure all stakeholders that there is a safety process in place while federal regulations are updated and will ensure federal and state policymakers are aligned in their responsibilities.  The second step New Jersey can take is to support deployment of V2X technologies, including dedicated short range communications (DSRC).  Advances in the development of DSRC technologies, present some near-term opportunities to begin realizing safety benefits sooner rather than later.  The Coalition for Safety Sooner provides a model for New Jersey to follow. The coalition of several states sent a letter to the FCC, U.S. DOT, and the Office of Management and Budget detailing their investments in this technology and encouraging these agencies to protect the 5.9 GHz radio spectrum band to V2X technologies.  The state of New Jersey should follow these examples and invest in these lifesaving technologies.