Global Automakers shared an industry perspective on the technology of automated and connected vehicles via testimony before the Ohio House Transportation & Public Safety Committee. Over the course of the next eight months the committee, under the leadership of Chairman Representative Doug Green, will be conducting informational hearings on this subject. Representative Green's goal is to educate policy makers in the Ohio General Assembly about: the potential benefits and challenges of the technology; how it may impact the state’s economy, public safety, and infrastructure; and the current research, testing and industry activity in Ohio.

The Global Automakers' testimony highlights the important role Ohio has played in promoting the technology, as well as the roles for federal, state, and local governments in ensuring the safe deployment of automated and connected vehicle technology. A key component to ensuring the benefits of automation can be realized will be to ensure the policy environment promotes continued testing and deployment of automated vehicles. Automated vehicles will likely impact how Americans think about mobility and the movement of goods and services and it is important that the appropriate policies be in place at both the federal and state level. Establishing a balanced policy will help spur the development and deployment of automated vehicle technologies that will improve motor vehicle safety, enhance personal mobility, and bring new efficiencies to our transportation system.