EPA’s Performance Report Highlights Early Progress

Statement by John Bozzella, Global Automakers President and CEO

For the second year in a row, all of our members who sold more than 100,000 units exceeded greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards for light-duty vehicles. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Manufacturer Performance Report for the 2013 model year shows that Global Automakers member companies, as a whole, had greater reductions of GHGs than required--- with margins of compliance ranging from 11 to 27 grams per mile.

This is a direct result of our members’ commitment to reducing GHG emissions and improving fuel economy while, at the same time, providing consumers with a variety of vehicle choices. The companies also made use of additional GHG reductions through air conditioner improvements, introducing advanced technologies and other credits, all of which are an important part of the program.

The 2013 model year is only the second year of a 14-year program and substantial challenges remain as we move forward. Greater flexibilities will be necessary for the industry to meet future standards. However, our members remain determined and will continue to work hard to reduce, as much as feasible, our environmental footprint.

We continue to be proud of the strides our members are making to meet or exceed GHG emissions reductions targets.



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