Washington, D.C. June 27, 2018 – In comments submitted today in connection with the U.S. Department of Commerce Section 232 investigation into automotive imports, international automakers pushed back against the Administration’s proposal, based ostensibly on “national security” grounds, to impose high tariffs on vehicle imports and parts.

“These tariffs will harm today’s U.S. auto industry, which is comprised of fourteen auto manufacturers, all of which are global and 10 of which are international automakers. Each of these companies employ American workers to produce cars in the United States, and tariffs will substantially increase prices for consumers, said John Bozzella, President and CEO, Global Automakers on behalf of the ‘Here for America’ initiative.

“There is no national security justification for taxing imports of vehicles and parts or discriminating between global companies headquartered here or in allied countries. Every U.S. production facility in the industry could be made available in a national emergency, and the 130,000 Americans who work directly for international automakers are no less patriotic or willing to serve their country in a time of crisis than any other American,” said Bozzella.

“If this investigation leads to tariffs, retaliation against U.S. exports is inevitable,” Bozzella added. Substantial tariffs against major US auto exports have in fact already been announced, placing American auto workers on the front lines of this trade conflict.”

International automakers have:

  • Generated 1.29 million direct and indirect American jobs.
  • Invested $75 billion into their U.S. operations that include automotive production, vehicle design, and research and development.
  • Built over 5 million cars and trucks in America in 2017, accounting for 47 percent of all U.S. light-duty vehicle production.
  • Exported about a million American cars every year.


The Association of Global Automakers represents the U.S. operations of international motor vehicle manufacturers, original equipment suppliers, and other automotive-related trade associations. For more information, visit www.globalautomakers.org. Here For America is an initiative of the Association of Global Automakers to increase public awareness about the importance of international automakers to American job creation, economic growth, technological innovation and strong communities. Visit www.hereforamerica.com.