WASHINGTON, DC, MARCH 15, 2013 – Global Automakers welcomes Japan’s decision to formally seek participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free-trade talks.  The Association supports the expansion of international trade and has encouraged the broadest possible participation in the TPP, including that of Canada, Mexico, and Japan. 

The inclusion of all major automobile producing nations on the Pacific Rim would create a single set of consistent rules, increase trade and investment opportunities, and benefit consumers.  As the third largest economy in the world, Japan’s participation in the TPP is especially important because it will significantly increase the potential commercial impact of the agreement.

Our members have invested more than $40.2 billion into U.S. auto production, R&D, and sales.  Global Automakers’ members directly employ over 85,000 Americans and indirectly create hundreds of thousands dealer and supplier jobs across the U.S.  Our members build 50 percent of the vehicles they sell here in states like Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, and California and export over 300,000 U.S.-built vehicles annually.


The Association of Global Automakers represents international motor vehicle manufacturers, original equipment suppliers, and other automotive-related trade associations. We work with industry leaders, legislators, and regulators to create the kind of public policy that improves vehicle safety, encourages technological innovation, and protects our planet. Our goal is to foster a competitive environment in which more vehicles are designed and built to enhance Americans’ quality of life. For more information, visit www.globalautomakers.org.


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