Statement on June 30, 2016 Summit meeting in Ottawa, Canada between President Obama, Prime Minister Trudeau and President Nieto

It is extraordinarily important that the United States uphold its commitments to our trading partners and continue its longstanding support for open trade and investment. Trade and investment from abroad creates jobs and economic opportunity for millions of Americans and provides US consumers with the most competitive products found anywhere in the world.

Dedication to these principals has encouraged international automakers to locate production and other operations to places like Georgetown, Kentucky, Smyrna, Tennessee, West Point, Georgia and Montgomery, Alabama. The integration of the North American markets has also helped spur innovation and advances in productivity that have strengthened the US auto industry. Global Automakers applauds President Obama‚Äôs leadership and strongly endorses the continued commitment by the United States, Canada and Mexico to open trade.

The Association of Global Automakers represents international motor vehicle manufacturers, original equipment suppliers, and other automotive-related trade associations. Global Automakers also directs an initiative known as Here For America that provides information and analysis on the impact of all international automakers on the U.S. economy. Combined, international automakers now account for nearly half of all US auto production, create jobs for more than 1.25 million Americans, and last year exported three-quarters of a million U.S.-built vehicles to 140 countries around the globe.