Statement by John Bozzella, Global Automakers President and CEO

“Automakers are continuing to innovate and bring new fuel economy technologies to the market.  However, even though today’s cars and trucks are more fuel efficient than ever before, reports released today from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that the overall fuel economy of the new vehicle fleet has remained flat and regulatory flexibilities remain essential.

“The EPA Fuel Economy Trends Report shows purchase decisions are influenced by a number of factors, such as historically low gas prices and consumer demand for large trucks and SUVs.  At the same time, the EPA Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Performance report shows the industry is complying with regulation through the introduction of new efficient technologies and by earning credits designed to provide flexibility for manufacturers to improve emissions while responding to consumer demand.  As the GHG requirements become more challenging, especially in an environment of low fuel prices, program flexibilities will be critical for compliance.

“These reports are helpful as we evaluate progress and trends heading into the mid-term evaluation for the model year 2022-2025 GHG and Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards.  We look forward to working with the EPA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and California Air Resources Board to ensure the regulations are flexible and recognize the dynamic market for motor vehicles.”


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