Industry Recognizes Need to Take Proactive Steps in Age of Connectivity

WASHINGTON, DC, NOVEMBER 13, 2014 – Global Automakers and its member companies unveiled auto industry consumer privacy protection principles for vehicle technologies and services (Principles). These Principles commit automakers to take certain steps to protect the personal data generated by their vehicles.

“The privacy Principles reflect the reality that automobiles increasingly make use of innovative technologies designed to save lives, time and the environment,” said Global Automakers President and CEO John Bozzella. “As modern cars not only share the road but will in the not too distant future communicate with one another, vigilance over the privacy of our customers and the security of vehicle systems is an imperative.”

The Principles’ fundamentals are based on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs), which, in turn, rest on privacy practice frameworks used in the United States and around the world for over forty years. Consistent with the FIPPs approach, the Principles treat sensitive information, such as geolocation, driver behavior, and biometric information, with additional, heightened protections. Global Automakers met with the FTC during the development process of the Principles and the agency is supportive of the industry efforts.

These privacy commitments are part of a larger initiative by automakers to protect the privacy and security of the data necessary to support these advanced vehicle technologies. Despite the absence of reported hacking incidents affecting vehicles on the road to date, the industry also is taking proactive measures to prepare for threats by working to establish a mechanism for sharing vehicle cybersecurity information among the auto sector.

“Automakers are integrating innovative systems in the initial stages of design and production providing consumers with safe, smart, and sensible vehicle choices,” said Bozzella. “As advanced technologies continue to evolve and become increasingly data driven, we will continue to adopt best practices and work with experts and other stakeholders to ensure consumers are protected.”

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