Global Automakers submitted a letter of support on New York SB 4807 which was scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Standing Committee on Transportation. SB 4807 seeks to remove the statutory requirement that a driver must keep a hand on the steering wheel at all times. Global Automakers appreciates the state of New York taking a proactive posture towards addressing autonomous vehicle technologies. When considering whether to pursue automated vehicle legislation, we strongly encourage states to first ask “Is this legislation necessary for the safe testing and deployment of automated vehicles?” then identify and remove barriers to automated vehicle advancement (for all levels of automation). States must tread very carefully in this area, because they may unwittingly do more harm than good. S.B. 4807 is an example of a state identifying a specific impediment and seeking to remove a barrier to innovation. In addition to removing this barrier to innovation, New York can continue to play a leadership role in promoting AV technology by (a) convening key stakeholders and innovators to leverage resources and share best practices, and (b) collaborating with neighboring states to support regional efforts to advance automated vehicle technology while at the same time ensuring a national framework for automated vehicle policy.