Global Automakers sent a letter to the California Air Resources Board (ARB or CARB) in response to an ARB compliance letter sent to automakers on August 5, 2019.  In response to ARB's letter, which provides automakers with an additional eleven days to declare plans related to model year 2020 greenhouse gas compliance plans, Global Automakers raises several concerns:

  1. Global Automakers asks ARB to reconsider its position on how automakers can earn greenhouse gas credits for use under a California and Section 177 state program in the event there is a split from the federal program.  
  2. Global Automakers believes automakers need additional time, and requests an extension to no earlier than September 30, 2018, to accomodate company shutdowns overseas during this time period and to allow time to resolve concerns related to how credits are earned, as well as to understand what implementation of a California only program entails.


Global Automakers believes additional discussion is needed between our association and ARB on all of these topics and to make sure automakers have sufficient time to make an informed decision regarding compliance plans.

A copy of the letter sent to ARB is attached below.