In a letter to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Global Automakers urged the agency to set a minimum, instead of a maximum, of 15 percent to the Volkswagen settlement to supporting electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the state.  Under Appendix D of the current settlement, Illinois is due to receive $108 million, which can be used for a variety of environmental-based projects. A maximum of 15 percent, or $16.2 million, can be used for the acquisition, installation, operation, and maintenance of EV infrastructure. Global Automakers urges the state to allocate the full 15 percent towards this effort and to support all EV infrastructure, including charging stations and hydrogen refueling stations. The state needs to establish a strong foundation for electric vehicles by expanding its network of charging and building out a network of hydrogen refueling stations to support sales of electric vehicles. Increasing available infrastructure is critical to the state‚Äôs ability to advance electrification. Range anxiety is a significant impediment to sale of electric vehicles.