On February 21, the Utah House Transportation Committee held a hearing to discuss HB 371, which would enact provisions related to automated vehicles. Global Automakers opposes HB 371 as introduced because the bill raises concerns about the use of consistent definitions, licensing, and label requirements. HB 371’s definitions are not all consistent with SAE International's taxonomy and definitions on automated vehicles, which is the standard being used by federal regulators. Inconsistent definitions among regulatory agencies will create uncertainty among manufacturers and developers of this technology and slow the pace of innovation. It is also unclear why the bill seeks to define and build conditions around L1 or L2 vehicles which are otherwise allowed today.

Global Automakers submitted a letter seeking amendments to the legislation to clarify these issues. It is well recognized that AV systems, across all levels of automation, will provide significant opportunities for improving safety, efficiency, and mobility; and with the increase in highway fatalities, it is important, now more than ever, that the policy environment continues to support the safe testing and deployment of innovative technology.