On April 15, Global Automakers and the Auto Alliance filed the attached merits brief in the challenge to the EPA's April 2018 Determination concerning the appropriateness of MY2022-2025 GHG emission standards filed by California, other states, and other environmental/commercial interests in the D.C. Circuit.  Global Automakers' brief argues that the court lacks jurisdiction to entertain the matter because (a) the April 2018 Determination was only an interim step in the process of reconsidering and potentially amending the MYs 2022-2025 standards and thus is not a final agency action, and (b) the petitions are unripe because EPA has not yet made a final decision as to whether and in what way to revise the MYs 2022-2025 standards. The brief also argues that even if the challenges were proper at this point, EPA's April 2018 Determination was both procedurally and substantively sound.