Every day, automakers are working to ensure vehicles on the road are as safe as they can be. With the constant evolution of technology and consumer expectations, safety remains a top priority. Together, the auto industry along with CARFAX have come together to develop a tool that takes vehicle recall information to the next level enabling dealers and other organizations to quickly check multiple vehicles for open safety recalls.

I joined CARFAX and the Auto Alliance at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Conference in Las Vegas to sign up our first participant: Mark Scarpelli Chairman of NADA and a Kia Dealer.

Entities like state departments of motor vehicles, insurers and dealers can use a new auto safety recall search tool to increase outreach and notification to vehicle owners and boost recall completion rates. This service will greatly enhance resources that are already available, and help registered users access open safety recall information across various makes and models through the new search portal.

This tool has the support of the industry as well as members of the vehicle safety community. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Deputy Administrator Heidi King recently said, ‘We encourage everyone to stay safe by checking for open safety recalls on their cars, truck or vans, and then making an appointment for a free repair. The new bulk lookup tool will make it easier for dealerships and other auto professionals to help keep vehicles safe by checking many vehicles at the same time for any outstanding safety recalls.’

CARFAX continues to work with consumers and dealers to inform the public about open safety recalls and their development of this important tool will only help make sure vehicles with open safety recalls receive a free repair as soon as possible. For more information and to sign up please go to www.freeautorecallsearch.org.

The partnership between Global Automakers, CARFAX and the Auto Alliance is one that is bound by one common goal: increase vehicle safety and increase consumer awareness when it comes to open safety recall information. Automakers continue to make safety a top priority and this tool will help connect consumers to this critical information.