Since we met for this discussion last August much has changed -- a Federal review of new standards for 2022-2025 was closed and then reopened, a California review of its standards was completed and the process begun for new regulations out to 2030, all while industry sales appear to be coming off their record pace. And, let’s not forget there was also an election.

Yet, some things have stayed the same:  industry innovation is booming, and with low gas prices at the pump, customers continue to favor larger light trucks over passenger cars and electric-drive vehicles.

But today, we are within months of critical decisions that will shape new fuel economy and greenhouse gas regulations, and there needs to be a sense of urgency about the discussion taking place at forums like tomorrow’s panel.

  • What does the nation need from fuel economy improvement?
  • What does the industry want in order to keep innovating?
  • What does the new Administration hope to accomplish?
  • What is California’s role?
  • How do we get there?

By this time next year, we will have either found a way forward or we may have missed an opportunity. CAR MBS is the perfect forum to discuss how we can work together to get this right.