When the White House convened its third annual “Made in America Product Showcase” this week, it highlighted a product from each state. While no automaker was showcased at the event (fitting them all on the South Lawn would have been a challenge) more than 60 different vehicle models are made in America by international automakers.

Today, international brand automakers and retailers are a major economic engine in every corner of the United States, operating 500 facilities and 9,500 retail franchises while supporting more than 2.58 million American jobs. Last year, the combined efforts of those Americans:

  • built five million cars and trucks in 30 assembly plants;
  • exported almost 900,000 vehicles to more than 122 countries around the world; and,
  • sold 56% of new vehicles in the U.S.

International automakers have invested $80 billion in the U.S. And with 65 research and development facilities in 15 states, today’s U.S. auto industry is more vibrant and innovative than ever, providing jobs, strengthening our communities and our nation.

So during Made in America Week, and every week, let’s remember the products Americans make here, and the Americans who make them, even if they can’t all fit on the South Lawn.

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