The auto industry is changing rapidly.  Technology is transforming our vehicles in ways we couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago. The cars and trucks we will drive tomorrow will be cleaner, safer and more efficient than ever before.

Not surprisingly, the way industry is designing, building and delivering these vehicles is changing too.  This transformation has been underway throughout my entire career; what I once knew as the “American auto industry” is now just part of a larger, global industry with seemingly limitless potential. Auto plants built by automakers from all parts of the world spread far and wide across the U.S., employing American workers and revitalizing local communities.  
As an industry veteran, I’m more familiar with these changes than most. But I’m not looking to keep these great American success stories to myself. I encourage everyone to check out the newest Here For America report, International Automakers Across America: Building More Than Cars, to see the impact of a $73 billion investment and the addition of 123,000 American auto jobs.
The story of international automakers’ growth in America and their continued investment in local facilities, jobs, and communities is an important part of how our industry has maintained its health and continued to grow. It’s even more important that we continue to welcome this growth and the subsequent innovation that is transforming the industry - and transforming our lives.