Global Automakers submitted comments to the California Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) in response to their March 10, 2017 notice of proposed action to amend sections of the California Code of Regulations concerning automated vehicles.  

At the California DMV’s Public Workshop on Automated Vehicles today, Global Automakers Senior Manager of Safety and Connected Automation Paul Scullion summarized the comments, stating that "the proposed regulations go too far in a number of respects, most importantly, the unnecessary regulatory restrictions the DMV seeks to impose on the actual sale, operation and deployment of automated vehicles in the state.”

Global Automakers believes the regulations seek to codify aspects of the NHTSA federal policy, which raises the question of who is the primary regulator of motor vehicle safety in the United States. In Global Automakers' view, it should be NHTSA, and not individual state DMVs. Leadership at the federal level is critical to ensuring a consistent national approach.