Global Automakers jointly submitted a prehearing statement, on proposed adoption of Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Standards in Colorado, with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.  In general, the two associations oppose adoption of ZEV and noting that the proposed regulation needs to add proportional credits to address undue burden and feasibility.  

The associations also note:

The Alliance, Global Automakers, and our members sincerely appreciate the efforts of CDPHE, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), and Colorado Energy Office (CEO) to investigate various alternatives to accelerate Colorado‚Äôs ZEV market either in the absence of or in combination with the ZEV regulations. After the May 10, 2019, Notice of Rulemaking Hearing, CDPHE, CDOT, and CEO worked with all stakeholders to explore various alternatives with the hope of reaching a unified proposed alternate rule that all stakeholders could support. While we ultimately did not find a unified alternate rule, all parties came to the table in good faith to try and find smart and innovative ways to encourage electric vehicle adoption and address feasibility concerns with the proposed regulation. While unable to reach agreement on an alternative prior to this filing, we look forward to reviewing the proposals offered by the parties and remain open to alternatives that address the concerns of all stakeholders.