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Privacy Principles For Vehicle Technologies and Services

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November 13, 2014

Global Automakers and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers have issued Privacy Principles for Vehicle Technologies and Services (“Principles”). 

The automotive industry is developing innovative technologies and services that promise to deliver substantial benefits and enhance the driving experience. These technologies and services may assist in enhancing safety, reducing the environmental impacts of vehicles, diagnosing vehicle malfunctions, calling for emergency assistance, detecting and preventing vehicle theft, reducing traffic congestion, improving vehicle efficiency and performance, delivering navigation services, providing valuable information services, and more.

Many of these technologies and services are based upon information obtained from a variety of vehicle systems and involve the collection of information about a vehicle’s location or a driver’s use of a vehicle. Consumer trust is essential to the success of vehicle technologies and services. Global Automakers, and their members understand that consumers want to know how these vehicle technologies and services can deliver benefits to them while respecting their privacy.

The Principles provide an approach to customer privacy that automakers can choose to adopt when offering innovative vehicle technologies and services. 

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