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Team up with the world’s premier manufacturers, suppliers and new mobility companies as we create an optimal environment for competition, innovation, and free trade. Join us in shaping the future of personal transportation to enhance the value of our industry.


The Advantages

Global Automakers puts you at the center of a technological revolution and boosts the power of your voice on the national, state and local stages.  Global Automakers brings together the top minds from auto manufacturers, suppliers, and other industry stakeholders to advance the state of personal transportation.

Platform for Collaboration

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly. As a member of Global Automakers, you sit at the table with world-leading auto manufacturers and top-tier suppliers driving this change. You gain direct access to the companies developing a new generation of technology that will fundamentally remake the industry and our notions of mobility.

Driving Change

In today’s world, by the time a technological breakthrough hits the mainstream media, it’s already been tweeted, posted, and shared many times over. We take a holistic approach to advocacy and public relations in the age of social media.

Industry Insight

Because we’re at the center of the industry’s transformation, we understand it better than anyone else. Our unparalleled expertise bolsters our members’ influence among policymakers and stakeholders, shaping policy to create a more favorable environment for innovation.


Who Should Join Global Automakers?

Global Automakers provides high-impact advocacy on critical U.S. federal, state, and local regulatory and policy issues. It serves as a platform for collaboration for OEMs, offers a consensus-driven voice to policymakers, and a creator of media and communication initiatives such as “Here For America.”

One size does not fit all when it comes to laws and regulations in the mobility space. Small Volume Manufacturers (SVMs) contribute significantly to the industry’s reputation for innovation and sophistication. Global Automakers offers this growing group of SVMs a dedicated focus on advocacy services that cater to their distinct policy priorities.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, a collaborative relationship between automakers and suppliers is critical. Global Automakers provides tier 1 suppliers with a seat at the table next to their OEM partners to work together on policy proposals and solutions that will fundamentally remake the industry and our notions of personal mobility. 

Innovation in mobility is happening at breathtaking speed as data-infused vehicles enter the marketplace for an array of tasks. Current and new entrants to the auto industry envision fresh ways of addressing the needs of customers for personal transportation and other services and products. Global Automakers can help them realize that vision, maximizing commercial success and minimizing commercial risk.

Join Us at Global Automakers

Become a part of Global Automakers and, through policy development, communications outreach and advocacy efforts, help shape the future of personal transportation. Take a seat at the table with many of the innovative companies and organizations advancing the U.S. automotive industry.  

Our Expertise And Vision

Radical transformation is a daily reality in our industry. We understand this better than anyone else, and can help you successfully drive this change to your benefit.  Key policymakers trust and respect us, creating a more favorable legislative and regulatory environment for fair competition and innovation. 

Our People On Your Side

Yesterday’s policies shouldn’t interfere with tomorrow’s innovations. An unparalleled reputation in automotive operations and government affairs allows our team to advocate the benefits of forward-thinking technology with expertise and creativity.


We like to work together, and people like working with us. Participating on committees and working groups provide opportunities to amplify your ideas, draw inspiration from others, and pool your knowledge to solve tough industry challenges.


Play an active role in developing policy positions that work best for you. And we encourage you to join us in meetings with federal and state officials, to ensure that your voice is heard where it matters most.

Learn more about the membership opportunities available to automobile manufacturers, top-tier suppliers and mobility companies by contacting