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Statement Regarding Hearing to Address Alternative Transportation Fuels and Vehicles

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July 11, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC, JULY 11, 2012 – Members of the Association of Global Automakers are committed to producing vehicles that are environmentally responsible and will help address America’s energy security concerns. To that end, automakers are working on a wide variety of powertrain technologies and alternative fuels, ranging from hybrid electric vehicles to fuel cell vehicles to natural gas vehicles and everything in between.

Global Automakers opposes legislation, such as the Open Fuel Standard bill (H.R. 1687), requiring that 95 percent of gasoline-powered light-duty vehicles be tri-fuel vehicles capable of running on any combination of ethanol, methanol, and gasoline beginning in model year 2017. While well intentioned, the Open Fuel Standard is a misguided technology mandate that will cost consumers billions of dollars each year and create unintended, adverse consequences for vehicle manufacturers by stifling emerging technologies.  The effectiveness of an alternative fuel depends critically on its price, availability and the willingness of consumers to use it.


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