Vehicle Safety

Global Automakers' members have a long history of introducing innovative vehicle safety technologies for consumers.  Our member companies take a comprehensive approach to vehicle safety by protecting occupants during crashes and helping avoid crashes through technologies like automatic emergency braking.  In addition to advancing vehicle safety in these ways, Global Automakers encourages all occupants to use seat belts and child restraints, and for drivers to not drive while impaired.  We also support restrictions on the use of hand-held electronic devices by drivers while operating motor vehicles.

Crash Protection & Avoidance

Global Automakers' members are developing the next generation of vehicle safety technologies and introducing innovations such as lane-departure warning systems, automatic emergency braking systems and occupant protection systems through improved vehicle structures and advanced restraint systems.

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Driver Behavior

With 94% of vehicle crashes attributable to some form of driver behavior, Global Automakers encourages drivers and occupants to always use seat belts and child restraints, and to never drive while impaired. Global Automakers also supports restrictions on the use of hand-held electronic devices by drivers while operating motor vehicles.

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Global Automakers works with NHTSA and other policymakers to enhance the efficacy of the motor vehicle recall program and to maximize safety recall participation rates. Investment in improved recall practices demonstrates the industry’s commitment to ensuring increased awareness of vehicle recalls and customer safety.

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Our Work

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