Trade & Competitiveness

Global Automakers' members helped build today’s dynamic American automobile industry. Thanks to investments by our members in the U.S., this dynamism is seen in states like Alabama, California, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia. Our members continue to invest and grow, helping the U.S. maintain its leadership and global competitiveness.


Global Automakers is active in international trade issues that impact the exportation and importation of light duty vehicles and parts, including customs, compliance, port security, and import restrictions.

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Free Trade Agreements

Global Automakers supports the adoption of free trade policies because they strengthen our industry and enhance consumer choice. The U.S. auto industry today builds over one million more vehicles in America than were manufactured the year before NAFTA took effect.

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Here for America

Here For America is an initiative of the Association of Global Automakers to increase public awareness about the importance of international automakers to American job creation, economic growth, technological innovation, and strong communities.

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Our Work

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