The Association of Global Automakers Drive2Action PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee formed by the Association of Global Automakers to support candidates who share our vision of a brighter future for auto job growth, safety, innovation, and trade.

International automobile manufacturers play a central role in the U.S. economy, and Drive2Action PAC is an effective and transparent way for our industry to participate in the U.S. political process. By connecting like-minded individuals within the international automotive industry, the PAC stretches political dollars and provides a unified voice on behalf of international automakers. 

The goal of Drive2Action PAC is to solidify the future success of the international auto industry, and maintain a long-term focus on advocacy for solutions to issues affecting our industry. 

Why is the Drive2Action PAC important?

International automakers play a substantial role in the U.S. economy, having invested more than $75 billion in their local operations. This substantial domestic presence requires an equivalent political presence.

Drive2Action PAC is a valuable tool that will enhance international automakers’ voices and increase awareness of the role the international auto industry plays in driving local economic growth. The PAC is not ideological; it is guided by what is best for companies and associates.

Which candidates will receive funding?

Drive2Action PAC is a nonpartisan entity that will make contributions to federal candidates for election who are pro-trade, pro-innovation, and pro-business. The PAC’s focus is to support individuals who understand the importance of the international auto industry to the U.S. economy.

Candidates will be determined by the PAC Board of Directors. PAC contributions to candidates are not based on party affiliation.

All political contributions made on behalf of the PAC are reported to the federal Election Commission (FEC) and posted online; individuals who participate will also be provided with an annual report detailing the contributions made on behalf of the PAC.

How do I get support for my party or candidate?

Contributors have the option to allocate their contribution to the PAC to one political party.

To request support for a specific candidate or party, send a request letter to or Drive2Action PAC c/o Global Automakers 1050 K Street, NW, Suite 650, Washington, D.C. 20001. The Board of Directors gives priority to requests from Global Automakers’ members who contribute to the PAC.

How will the Drive2Action PAC benefit me?

Drive2Action PAC will connect like-minded individuals and combine resources to help elect and re-elect federal candidates who support the issues affecting member companies’ and the international auto industry as a whole. The PAC will provide relationship building opportunities with candidates, and an opportunity to speak with one collective voice for the international auto industry.

Participating in the PAC shows an individual’s commitment to government advocacy, and helps ensure that international automakers’ perspective is communicated to policymakers.

Who can contribute to the Drive2Action PAC?

Drive2Action PAC is allowed to solicit employees from Global Automakers’ member companies with policymaking, managerial, professional, or supervisory responsibilities, but only after the member company has given prior approval for the solicitation.

Contributions to Drive2Action PAC are entirely voluntary. Individuals are not required to contribute and will not be penalized in any way if they do not contribute or advantaged if they do contribute.

Only authorized individuals from Global Automakers’ member companies are eligible to contribute to the Drive2Action PAC via this website.  To learn more about these federal requirements and the Drive2Action PAC, please contact