Fuel Economy & Greenhouse Gases

Our members are manufacturing more fuel-efficient and cleaner vehicles than ever before. These advances must be supported by federal policies that balance emissions benefits and reducing petroleum consumption with affordability and consumer demand. Reducing regulatory friction and duplication is critical, which is why Global Automakers supports annual improvements under the national fuel economy and GHG program.

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April 2nd, 2018 Press Release
The Association of Global Automakers appreciates the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) deliberative and data-driven determination that adjustments to the MY 2022-2025 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Program for cars...
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January 11th, 2018 Press Release
The Association of Global Automakers released the following statement following the release of the EPA’s reports on fuel economy trends and GHG performance: “Today's reports show the paramount role...
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November 20th, 2017 Agency Comments
On November 20, 2017, Global Automakers and the Alliance submitted joint comments to the California Independent System Operator (ISO) Board of Governors and Management on the Draft ISO Board Vision Paper. The...
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October 5th, 2017 Press Release
Statement by John Bozzella, President and CEO of Global Automakers WASHINGTON, DC, OCTOBER 5, 2017 – "Recent announcements by auto manufacturers prove beyond any doubt that they are investing heavily in bringing electric-drive...
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October 5th, 2017 Agency Comments
The Association of Global Automakers, Inc. (Global Automakers) submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the “Request for Comment on Reconsideration of the...
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September 25th, 2017 Agency Comments
On September 25, 2017, Global Automakers and the Alliance jointly submitted comments to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on its request for comments regarding development of an Environmental Impact Statement...