Electric Vehicle Sales

Consumers today have more vehicle choices than ever before with more than 40 models of electric-drive vehicles (EVs). The EV market is still young, however, at less than two percent (2%) across the nation and with 50 percent of EV sales occurring in California. There are many challenges to overcome before mass commercialization of electric cars is realized.

ZEV Sales Mandate

Ten states - California, Connecticut, Oregon, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont - require automakers to sell increasing volumes of EVs through 2025 under their ZEV mandates.

This requirement is challenging, and customers are ultimately in the driver’s seat. There are several critical factors that impact their decision to buy an EV: consumer incentives; electric charging and/or hydrogen refueling station availability; fueling costs; consumer awareness; climate; geography; and vehicle utility needs. Addressing these challenges and assessing states’ progress toward the 2025 requirements is critical to developing EV markets that support increasing sales.

Explore EV sales in the states by using the sort features below. For nationwide sales data and progress towards the 10-state ZEV mandate, view our market reports.

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