We work with industry leaders, legislators, regulators, and other stakeholders in Washington, DC and 50 state capitals to create the kind of public policy that promotes innovation, vehicle safety and environmental responsibility.  Explore our work.

Connected Automation

We support the development of connected cars that bring safety benefits and enhance the driver experience and will –­ eventually – drive themselves. 

Automated Vehicles Cybersecurity Privacy

Environment & Energy

We advance the industry’s environmental goals by working with policymakers to ensure sound regulations that protect the environment, spur innovation, and account for the needs of consumers.

Fuel Economy & Greenhouse Gases Electric Drive Electric Drive Sales

Trade & Competitiveness

We support the adoption of free trade policies as they lead to expanded competition and improved consumer choice. 

Customs Free Trade Agreements

Vehicle Safety

We work with regulators and policymakers to ensure an environment that makes vehicle safety priority one and protects the privacy of data generated from the vehicle.

Crash Protection Driver Behavior Recalls
Public Policy Agenda

This annual statement of principles and policy positions guides the Association’s advocacy efforts on current and developing issues at the federal and state levels.

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Political Action Committee

The Association of Global Automakers Drive2Action PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee that supports candidates who will protect and promote the interests of international automakers’ U.S. operations. 

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