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Letter in Opposition to SB 638

The Global Automakers promote alternative fuels and the reduction of petroleum dependence but believe that AB 638 is inconsistent with California's commitment to work with the Federal Government and the automobile industry to develop a harmonized national program to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, fuel economy and dependence on foreign oil.

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Letter Providing Comments to the CWMA Regarding E15 Motor Fuel

In response to EPA’s recent decision to allow E15 for use in 2001 and newer passenger cars and light trucks but not other highway vehicles and off-road equipment under certain conditions, the Central Weights & Measures Association is considering what documents under its control need to be updated for the commercialization.  Global Automakers pointed out that the EPA E15 decisions have been challenged in Federal Court and that the conditions for an anti-misfueling prog

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Letter in Support of California SB 869

Global Automakers wrote a letter in support of California SB 869, which is a measure that clarifies that the duty of an automotive repair dealer is to ensure that when a vehicle with a deployed airbag is repaired, the airbag system is fully repaired and restored to it's "original operating condition."

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Letter Requesting Proposed Amendment for NV AB 453

Nevada Senate AB 453, that requires labeling of all dispensers used for gasoline containing manganese-based fuel additives, was recently referred to the Natural Resources Committee for deliberation. Global Automakers submitted a letter to Chairman Mark Manendo, requesting consideration of a proposed amendment that would ensure at least a minimum level of information to be included on the label to inform consumers.

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Letter in Support of SB 869

Global Automakers believe SB 869 is an important measure that clarifies the duty of an automobile repair dealer to ensure that when a vehicle with a deployed airbag is repaired, the airbag must be restored to its "original operating

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Statement on Children Left in Cars at NHTSA Roundtable

NHTSA hosted a panel discussion to raise awareness and discuss the dangers of children being left unattended in vehicles and particularly those situations leading to hyperthermia.

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Joint Letter in Support of Amendment to HR 2584 Regarding E15

The letter asks for support of the Sullivan-Peters amendment to HR 2584, the FY 2012 Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from using appropriated funds to increase the amount of allowable ethanol content in gasoline to 15% (E15). The amendment is necessary to protect consumers and the environment and was signed by over 20 organizations.

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Comments on FTC Alternative Fuel Vehicles Labeling Rule

Global Automakers responded to one question raised by the FTC in the ANPRM on whether there is a continuing need for separate FTC AFVs labeling rules in light of the recently promulgated joint Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rules.

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Comments on Federal Communications Commission Proposal on Radio Frequency Devices

Global Automakers filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission supporting the Commission’s proposal to amend its Part 15, Radio Frequency Devices. The comments filed were in support of the Commission’s June 16, 2011 proposal (76 FR 35176) to amend its Part 15, Radio Frequency Devices, rules to facilitate the use of radar-based collision avoidance technologies for motor vehicles. Global Automakers also urged the Commission to harmonize its rules governing the vehicular radar emissions to the extent practicable with those set forth outside the United States.

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Global Automakers Endorses Administration’s Next Round of New Greenhouse Gas/Fuel Economy Standards for MY 2017 – 2025 Vehicles

WASHINGTON, DC, JULY 29, 2011 – The Association of Global Automakers (Global Automakers) and its member companies stood with President Obama today in support of the next phase of proposed greenhouse gas (GHG)/corporate average fuel economy standards for 2017-2025 MY vehicles.

“Our members have always endorsed a comprehensive and harmonized national approach to reducing GHG emissions while improving fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks,” said Global Automakers’ President and CEO Michael J. Stanton. 

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