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Global Automakers Asks Maryland to Commit Funding for ZEV Infrastructure

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September 25, 2017

Global Automakers sent Secretary Grumbles from the Maryland Department of the Environment a letter requesting that Maryland commit the full 15% allotment, or $22 million of $169 million, of Volkswagen Appendix D settlement funds for both electric charging and hydrogen infrastructure. Global Automakers made this recommendation, because "[i]ncreasing available infrastructure is critical to the state’s ability to advance electrification."

Maryland is one of ten states that require increasing sales of zero emission vehicles (ZEV), including plug-in hybrid, battery and fuel cell electric vehicles, under the ZEVe mandate.  In addition, under an eight-state Memorandum of Understanding, Maryland commited to building a market to support the cumulative sales of approximately 290,000 ZEVs by 2025; to date, only about 9,042 electric vehicles have been sold in the state.

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