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Global Automakers Shares Concerns About California ZEV Incentive Bill

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July 3, 2017

In a letter to Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications, Global Automakers expressed opposition to California's vehicular air pollution bill -  AB 1184 - unless the bill is amended. Global Automakers has several concerns with the bill, most significant is the bill's focus only on plug-in electric vehicles.

Meeting the significant numbers of ZEV sales required in California will be a big challenge. Dedicated funding sources play a key part in creating and supporting markets and Global Automakers recognizes AB 1184’s attempt to provide that funding, but money alone will not achieve the arbitrary targets imposed by the state. AB 1184’s narrow focus on one electric technology rather than the broad range of ZEV technologies distracts from what really matters: getting more ZEVs in the marketplace by increasing consumer awareness and acceptance.

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