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Letter Supporting ARB's Vehicle Rebates in FY16-17 Funding Plan

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June 21, 2016

Global Automakers and the Alliance jointly submitted comments to support ARB's plan to fund the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (CVRP) for zero emission vehicles in the fiscal year 2016-2017 plan.

"We support and share California’s goal of expanding the market share for zero emission vehicle (ZEV) technology. The CVRP is critical to meeting this goal, and we support the proposed funding plan."

In addition to supporting $55 million to cover the current FY CVRP requests and $175 million for FY2016-17 funding, the two associations also support:

  • Maintaining the current CVRP incentives in FY2016-17 and several years afterwards [emphasis added]
  • Point of sale and pre-qualification mechanisms
  • Need for three-year and longer term funding 
  • Not predetermining the definition of a self-sustaining market and refraining from consideration of a ramp down given the larger state goals for ZEVs through 2050

Global Automakers continues to support that rebates for zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) are an effective and proven method to attract consumer interest and awareness and to generate interest in ZEVs given the requirements to sell these vehicles in California and nine other states.  For more information about ZEVs and building a market for these vehicles, please visit

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