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Letter of Support for Connecticut ZEV Incentives, HB 6030 & HB 6031

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February 11, 2015

On February 10, 2015, Global Automakers sent members of the Connecticut Joint Committee on Energy & Technology a letter expressing the Association's strong support for HB 6030 and HB 6031, shell legislation for the adoption of zero emission vehicle incentives in the state. The committee held a concept hearing that day to discuss legislation, including the two bills. 

In the letter, Global Automakers made the following suggestions for the ZEV state:

1. Legislators should support solutions that include incentives and infrastructure for all types of ZEV technologies, including plug-in hybrid electric, battery electric, and fuel cell electric vehicles;
2. Legislation should prioritize direct incentives such as point-of-sale rebates and sales tax exemptions, followed by tax credits and license and registration tax exemptions or reductions, and reduced electricity or hydrogen fueling costs;
3. Convenience incentives, particularly offering ZEV drivers unrestricted access to High Occupancy Vehicle or reduced fees in toll lanes, as well as free or preferred parking, and emissions test exemptions;
4. Additional incentives to develop infrastructure – both electric and hydrogen – are necessary to support the market; and
5. Expand the availability and amount of investment capital available for consumers and public entities for clean vehicle infrastructure through programs like the Connecticut Green Bank.

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