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Global Automakers understands that vehicle cybersecurity is an integral component of modern automobiles. As vehicle manufacturers develop new and innovative technologies for safety, efficiency, and convenience, the integrity and security of these systems remain a top priority. 

Automakers have entered into a formal process to address automobile cybersecurity.  We are taking proactive measures to prepare for threats by working to establish a mechanism for sharing vehicle cyber-security information among industry stakeholders.

Issues in Action

By John Bozzella, President and CEO

Scarcely a day goes by without cybersecurity dominating the headlines, whether it involves a bank, the electric grid, a retailer, or most recently, the Democratic National Committee.

On March 29th, Global Automakers testified in Rhode Island before the House Committee on Corporations in opposition to HB 7711 relative to telematics. HB 7711 has a companion bill in the Senate that was introduced by the Senate Majority Leader. Attached is Global Automakers testimony.
Global Automakers testified before the California Senate Committees on Judiciary and Transportation and Housing at an informal Joint Hearing entitled "Telematics 101: How Much Your Car Knows About You." Global Automakers provided the committees with information regarding telematics as well as automobile data collection and privacy protection. Attached is Global Automakers' testimony.

Automakers continue moving forward on collaborative efforts to advance cybersecurity protections with today's announcement of the sector's Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) board of directors.

ISAC board officers include Chair Tom Stricker of Toyota, Vice Chair Jeff Massimilla of GM, Secretary Steven Center of Honda and Treasurer Keith Moss of Ford.

Attached is a copy of a letter to NHTSA from Global Automakers and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers regarding a cybersecurity initiative with the goal of establishing a voluntary automobile industry sector information sharing and analysis center or other comparable program for collecting and sharing information about existing or potential cyber-related threats and vulnerabilities in motor vehicle electronics or associated in-vehicle networks (Auto-ISAC). This letter was sent to NHTSA on July 1, 2014.


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