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Stanton Calls for Coordinated Regulatory Processes to Encourage Efficiencies

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January 27, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC, JANUARY 27, 2010 – Speaking at SAE International’s annual gathering of automotive engineers and technical experts in Washington, D.C., the Association of Global Automakers’ (Global Automakers) President and CEO Michael J. Stanton called on the U.S. government to help automobile manufacturers bring the latest technologies to market faster.

“We are pleased by the news that the EPA, DOT and CARB have committed to a single time frame for developing fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for model year 2017-2025 cars and light-duty trucks,” said Stanton. “It is critical that regulators streamline their processes, eliminate redundancies, and coordinate schedules to create one national program. Our members are committed to developing the advanced technologies needed for cleaner vehicles, but we need all federal and state agencies to commit to aligning the regulatory steps required.”

Stanton said Global Automakers and its member companies will continue to play an integral role in the 2017-2025 National Greenhouse Gas/Fuel Economy rulemaking. “Our members continue to support an increase in CAFE, but new regulations should take us in the same direction as the American consumer,” explained Stanton. “Our member companies can provide greener options on their dealers’ sales floors, but we need government assistance to develop the infrastructure to make driving those vehicles convenient and enjoyable, therefore getting more of them on America’s roadways faster.”

Commenting on the growing dangers of distracted driving, Stanton acknowledged that prevention was as vital as protection in increasing safety. “We believe an important part of vehicle crash prevention is stopping drivers from using hand-held devices for texting and telephone calls while driving,” said Stanton. “We see public-private partnerships as the best way to promote new research, develop new laws, and educate the public.”



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