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Association Challenges EPA’s Partial Waiver for E15 Fuel

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December 20, 2010

The Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, Inc. (AIAM), as part of a coalition of automobile and engine product manufacturers, is filing a petition today challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision to grant a partial waiver approving the sale of gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol (E-15) for 2007 model year and newer passenger cars and light trucks.

As leaders in the development of fuel-efficient vehicles, AIAM member companies are pioneering technologies to advance the goal of increasing fuel economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have, and continue to support the use of alternative fuels, including ethanol. However, before any new fuel is introduced into the marketplace, we believe comprehensive, independent and objective scientific testing must be completed to show that the fuel will not increase air pollution, harm engines, or endanger consumers and that there are adequate protections to prevent misfueling.

EPA prematurely granted the partial waiver before critical studies on the effects of E-15 use were completed. The result is a decision and administrative procedure not authorized or supportable under current law. AIAM is pursuing this legal action reluctantly. We remain committed to continue working with the Administration and other stakeholders on the challenging issues related to the introduction of new fuels into the marketplace.

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