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Statement on Obama’s Push for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

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March 8, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC, MARCH 8, 2012 – Global Automakers commends President Obama for taking steps to encourage consumer purchases of various advanced technology clean vehicles through tax incentives and credits. 

Our Association has long believed that the U.S. government should take a technology and fuel neutral approach to incentivizing alternative fuels, advanced technology vehicles, and infrastructure to help automobile manufacturers bring the latest technologies to the marketplace faster. We feel strongly that the government should not pick winners and losers by favoring one fuel or technology over another.

Global Automakers’ members’ commitment to developing green technologies for the U.S. market has resulted in the following achievements:

• First hybrid in the U.S. market and 87% of the U.S. hybrid market today
• First all-electric, zero-emission mass-market vehicle
• First mass-market gasoline-electric hybrid
• First fuel cell vehicle certified for consumer use
• First natural gas-powered vehicle available for consumer use
• First lower-emission LEV, ULEV, SULEV, and near-zero emission AT-PZEV vehicles
We have consistently supported efforts by the federal government to require meaningful improvements in fuel economy with reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles and light trucks.  Our members continue to invest millions of R&D dollars to reduce the environmental footprint of their vehicles.  You can learn more about their efforts on our new fuel economy focused website at:


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