Global Automakers

National Impact

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Global Automakers' members have put down deep roots in America and over the past 50 years have become a significant and integral part of the U.S. economy. As a result, the entire American auto industry is stronger and more competitive in the global marketplace.

By The Numbers


    $52 Billion

    Total Investment in the U.S.


    $7.2 Billion

    U.S. Payroll


    4.5 Million

    Vehicles Built in America*


    $64 Billion

    Purchased from U.S. Suppliers



    vehicles exported annually



    R&D Facilities in America



    Direct Employment in America



    Facilities Across the U.S.



    Dealers with 417,000 employees


*Vehicles built in the United States using domestic and globally sourced parts.


Economic Reports

Trends Nationally

Global Automakers' members have invested more than $52 billion into their U.S.operations

More than 97,000 people are employed by Global Automakers members

Source: 2014 Economic Impact Survey of Global Automakers' members, NADA DATA, WardsAuto InfoBank, and R.L. Polk Automotive Data.

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