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Global Automakers Submits Automated Vehicle Testimony in Alabama

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April 28, 2017

Global Automakers submitted opposition testimony on Alabama SB 379 which would authorize the operation of autonomous vehicles on public and private roads at certain testing sites and would require the testing and approval of autonomous technology prior to operation. Municipalities and counties would be authorized to impose restrictive requirements for the testing of autonomous vehicles. Global Automakers strongly encourages Alabama to identify and remove barriers to automated vehicle advancement before establishing new laws. States must tread very carefully in this area, because they may unwittingly do more harm than good. The better approach is to be surgical: identify potential impediments in the statute and fix them. Alabama can play a leadership role without enacting legislation by (a) identifying any specific impediments or barriers to testing or operation that exist currently in statute, (b) convening key stakeholders and innovators to leverage resources and share best practices, and (c) collaborating with neighboring states to support regional efforts to advance automated vehicle technology while at the same time ensuring a national framework for automated vehicle policy.

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