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Statement Regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s E15 Pump Label Final Rule

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June 28, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC, JUNE 28, 2011 – The Association of Global Automakers (Global Automakers) is disappointed with the final rule announced by EPA today on E15 dispenser pump labeling. While we are still reviewing the details of the final regulations, it is clear that the EPA program will not effectively prevent both intentional and unintentional misfueling.

EPA needs to consider other misfueling mitigation strategies.   A credible program should include extensive consumer outreach to educate the public on fuel pricing, energy content, manufacturer warranty information and other prospective technical solutions to avoid misfueling and the environmental and safety consequences it causes.

EPA also failed to correctly address the need for a sufficient supply of E10 legacy fuel for vehicles and other engine products. Some consumers now will be left with no choice but to misfuel.

Labels are not sufficient. Consumers face information overload at the pump.  In addition to the normal product, price, oxygenate level and octane ratings information, there are warnings about cell phone use, static electricity, using unapproved portable containers, smoking, and refueling with the engine running.  Consumers may pay little or no attention to additional warning labels for E15, inadvertently filling the tank of vehicles certified only for E10.

The Association outlined its concerns to EPA in comments filed in January 2011. 

To learn more about the Association’s legal challenge to EPA’s Partial Waiver decision on E15 fuels, please go to our website at


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