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Automakers and Repair Community Join in Opposition to Senate Action on 'Right to Repair'

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May 31, 2012

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Automakers and Repair Community Join in Opposition to Senate Action on 'Right to Repair'

Manufacturers and Nation’s Largest Repairer Organization Warn Massachusetts Legislators of Serious Problems with Newest Senate Version

Boston – The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Auto Alliance) and the Association of Global Automakers (Global Automakers) – representing a total of twenty-six automakers – today joined the Automotive Service Association (ASA) – the largest independent repair shop association in the U.S. – to urge the Massachusetts House of Representatives to reject a seriously flawed “Right to Repair” measure recently passed by the Massachusetts Senate. 

That measure, S.2267, was created outside of the committee process and approved by the Senate over objections from automakers, independent repair shops, dealers, and labor unions.  It does not represent a negotiated agreement amongst the parties. 

Automakers currently provide access to information and tools necessary to repair today’s modern vehicles in the same format and at fair and reasonable prices to consumers, independent repairers, and dealers alike.  In the letter, automakers reiterate that they have agreed to support legislation that codifies and formalizes the existing current practice of providing service information to the aftermarket – similar to an agreement signed by all three organizations in 2002 – which would provide further assurance that these resources would always be available equally and securely.

In their letter to legislators, the group writes:

Unfortunately, the Senate-passed bill fails to address our most critical concerns and would allow Massachusetts’ innovation economy to become an island of outdated automotive technology.  The Senate-passed legislation establishes new mandates that would necessitate the global redesign of vehicles, insufficiently protects intellectual property, and creates an enforcement scheme that will lead to the Commonwealth becoming a hub for business-to-business litigation over automotive parts design.  S.2267 sends the wrong message to all job creators.

The letter was signed by Matthew Godlewski, Vice President of State Affairs for the Auto Alliance, Michael Stanton, President and CEO of Global Automakers, and Ron Pyle, ASA President and Chief Staff Executive.

Automakers and ASA members remain committed to advancing negotiations toward a solution to this issue that will ensure the vehicle repair process remains affordable, accessible, and focused on providing quality and maximizing safety for consumers. 


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