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Global Automakers Submits Joint Comments on Proposed Tier 3 Regulations and Gasoline Sulfur Proposed Rulemaking

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July 1, 2013

The Association of Global Automakers and the Auto Alliance jointly submitted the attached comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its proposed rulemaking to adopt Tier 3 vehicle emissions standards and ultra-low sulfur gasoline standards.

Automakers appreciate the fact that EPA is working to achieve one national program. The Agency has made strong efforts to address critical issues such as convergence of the Federal and California programs so that a vehicle can be tested once, certified once and sold everywhere.

EPA’s proposal to require lower sulfur in gasoline would help Americans to get gasoline with sulfur limits approaching 10 ppm retail fuel sulfur already in place in Europe and Asia, as well as the State of California. It would also ensure the fuel quality needed for new vehicle emission control systems to achieve near-zero emissions.  And because lower sulfur reduces emissions from all vehicles, there’s another reason to make sulfur reductions in market fuels: day one benefits. While it will take a couple of decades for the current fleet to be replaced by vehicles with tighter emission controls, reducing sulfur at the pump will immediately reduce emissions from every gasoline-powered vehicle on our roads, no matter how old.


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