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Vehicles today offer increasingly innovative technologies that make the driving experience safer, more environmentally responsible, and more enjoyable.  As our members manufacture more advanced technology vehicles and these vehicles become more connected, we recognize that the automobile industry needs to take proactive steps to protect the privacy of customers.

Several reasons automobile manufacturers collect, use, and share data generated by the vehicle:

  • Improve motor vehicle safety.
  • Develop a more efficient vehicle operating system.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental and safety requirements.
  • Create innovative vehicle navigation, security, and entertainment systems. 

Issues in Action


Industry Recognizes Need to Take Proactive Steps in Age of Connectivity

WASHINGTON, DC, NOVEMBER 13, 2014 – Global Automakers and its member companies unveiled auto industry consumer privacy protection principles for vehicle technologies and services (Principles). These Principles commit automakers to take certain steps to protect the personal data generated by their vehicles.


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