Redefining the American Auto Industry Report 2014

Redefining the American Auto Industry is a report produced by the Association of Global Automakers and the American International Automobile Dealers Association to demonstrate the economic impact of international automakers on the U.S. economy. International nameplate automobile manufacturers and dealership franchises are designing, building*, and selling more vehicles across the U.S. than ever before. In the process, they are redefining the meaning of an American car.

The goal of this report is to educate policy makers on the reality of today’s vibrant and growing U.S. auto industry, which is made up of a global array of companies putting down deep roots in America. Each company, whether founded in the U.S. or abroad, significantly contributes to our national economy and local markets.

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International automakers’ investment in America keeps growing through the creation of more jobs and the increased production of vehicles, engines, transmissions, and other parts and components.


From research and development, through manufacturing and all the way to the dealership, international automakers support American jobs in all sectors of the automotive industry.


International automakers have 56 research and development centers located across the country. These facilities design some of the most innovative, fuel efficient, and safe vehicles on American roadways.

Dealer Franchises

International nameplate automobile dealers are selling more vehicles across the U.S. than ever before, employing more than 500,000 Americans at nearly 10,000 dealership franchises across the country.


International automakers’ share of U.S. vehicle sales continues to rise, now accounting for more than 59 percent of total industry sales. Last year, sales increased by 29 percent to reach 7.5 million vehicles.


International automakers exported a record number of American-made automobiles from the U.S. last year. The production of these vehicles and their engines and components takes place at 32 manufacturing facilities in 16 states.

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*Vehicles are made, built, or manufactured in the United States using domestic and globally sourced parts

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